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Mark Meadows Kicked Off Voting Rolls As Fraud Investigation Turns Up New Evidence

Mark Meadows Kicked Off Voting Rolls As Fraud Investigation Turns Up New Evidence

Elections have consequences. So does voter fraud. Mark Meadows, who is accused of falsifying data on his voter registration, is now removed from the voting rolls in North Carolina, after the State Board of Investigations and the local Board of Elections continue to turn up evidence against him.

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As the Washington Post reported last month, Meadows and his wife registered to vote in the 2020 election in Macon County, North Carolina, with their residence listed as a rusted trailer that, as far as anyone can tell, neither has ever lived in or even spent a night in. That’s not all — though the couple had sold their North Carolina home and were living in a condo in Virginia, Debra Meadows reportedly cast a primary ballot in North Carolina using their old address.

Since then, Meadows has cast a ballot in Virginia in a 2021 race. According to the Asheville Citizen-Times, after confirming that this was the case, Macon County Board of Elections Director Melanie Thibault officially removed him from voter rolls in North Carolina, citing state law that requires a voter to be removed after casting a ballot in another district or state.

She also noted that when Meadows registered to vote in Virginia, he did not provide information on his Macon County registration, which meant that Virginia’s Board of Elections officials did not contact N.C. officials to have the prior registration removed.

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Meadows is not responding to inquiries about his voter registration, but is currently awaiting the results of a referral to the Justice Department after refusing to comply with a Congressional subpoena from the January 6th Committee.

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