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Mark Levin Tells Republican Legislators To Reject Voters’ Choices, Choose Trump Electors Anyway

Mark Levin Tells Republican Legislators To Reject Voters’ Choices, Choose Trump Electors Anyway

Mark Levin on voter integrity

Radio host Mark Levin is calling on Republican state legislatures to ignore the desires of their constituents, and choose electors who will place Donald Trump as president again, even if the voters choose Joe Biden.

Mark Levin on voter integrity
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Many voters may not realize that the election process is far more complicated than simply picking the president that the majority voted for. In 2016, the electoral college was a subject of heated discussion as it drove home to voters that a candidate could receive the most votes and still not be seated as president. However, what many voters still may not realize is that the electors, who cast the votes that actually elect the president, aren’t constitutionally required to reflect the will of the voters, either.

In an all-caps rant, Levin demanded that legislators in Republican-led states consider this, and choose electors based on their vote, not on the will of the American people.

(If the tweet below is deleted, see a screenshot at the end of this article.)

As the National Conference of State Legislatures explains here, every state is allowed to make its own determination of a method for picking electors. Although at this time, all states use the popular vote to determine electors (with some variances in how that is determined), there’s no requirement for it to be that way.

Levin has been complaining about the election process, especially as it has begun to appear likely that Joe Biden will win the 2020 election. He’s also complained about media coverage, saying that states that are currently leaning towards Trump should be called, and at least one state called for Biden should not have been.

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It’s not clear what effects Levin thinks this would have had, after polls closed and no more votes could be cast.

Mark Levin tweets on election
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