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Mark Levin: America Must Learn to Hate BLM That Same Way it Hates the KKK

Mark Levin: America Must Learn to Hate BLM That Same Way it Hates the KKK

The creators of the Black Lives Matter movement are pretty clear about their motives. If you were to check the organizations website, it’s right there for you to read. “Black Lives Matter began as a call to action in response to state-sanctioned violence and anti-Black racism.”


That, however, doesn’t mean that Conservatives won’t quickly point to the group as some kind of domestic terror organization. Far-right radio host Mark Levin did just that this week, comparing Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan.

Referring to protests as riots, the host began, “It’s the Democrats, it’s the Marxists, it’s Black Lives Matter, antifa. They are the ones that have been rioting, looting, burning with the support of the Democrat Party and the best the Democrat Party can do now is send Biden out every now and then to say, “I don’t support rioting or looting no matter who does it.'”

Levin continued:

“Who’s doing it, Joe? Who’s doing it, Joe? Must be the Klan and the neo-Nazis. They’re the ones. America hates the Klan and the neo-Nazis, and America has to learn to hate Black Lives Matter and antifa with the same amount of resolve because all these extremist organizations hate the country and are trying to destroy us from within. The difference is I recognize this and you recognize this, but the Democrat Party is saddled up to the other side, to the nuts on the left. Whereas we reject the nuts on the left and the nuts on the right as constitutional conservatives.”

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You can listen to a clip of the broadcast below:

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