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Mark Judge Describes His Blackouts: ‘I could have murdered someone’ and ‘not know it’

Mark Judge Describes His Blackouts: ‘I could have murdered someone’ and ‘not know it’

Throughout the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process, one of the key figures who repeatedly came up before, during, and after the Senate hearing has been Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge.

As has been reported extensively, Dr. Ford accused Judge of turning the volume of the music up while his good friend Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted and tried to rape her.

Judge, who was a prolific drinker, like many classmates have alleged Kavanaugh to have been, attended the same parties and hung out with Kavanaugh at these parties. In fact, one accuser has come forward in a sworn declaration to claim that Judge and Kavanaugh worked together to drug and spike the punch at parties in order to disorient girls. While Judge’s admitted drinking problem shouldn’t automatically equate to Kavanaugh having the same sort of problem, witness testimony suggests that both young men had similar habits when it came to alcohol.

Now in newly discovered quotes from Mark Judge’s book, Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk, we get a first hand look at just how bad his blackouts really were.

In the years following his graduation from Georgetown Prep, Judge recalled one night that scared him practically to death:

“We bought each other several rounds of drinks, and when I looked at the clock it was after midnight. Then, in what seemed like an instant, it was suddenly the next morning…. I had blacked out. I awoke lying on my back. I looked around quickly and determined that I was in my room; then I examined myself. I was fully clothed. I started to panic, terrified of what I could have done during the blackout. I could have done anything and not know it. I could have murdered somebody.”

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If Judge was blacking out to a point where he’d wakeup and wonder if he may have murdered someone, it’s certainly not out of the question that his high school drinking buddy, Brett Kavanaugh may have had the same experiences. And if that’s the case, there is no telling if Brett Kavanaugh would even remember if he had sexually assaulted someone like Dr. Ford.

The passage from Judge’s book seems to corroborate claims made by multiple high school and college classmates of Kavanaugh’s, indicating that he did in fact drink to a point of inebriation.

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