Mark Cuban Goes After Stephen Miller During Debate on DEI

Stephen Miller, the hated adviser to Donald Trump, created a group called America First Legal. On Friday, Miller's group reacted positively to a post from Libs of TikTok.

Libs of TikTok posted a message that read, "In Microsoft's official 2023 Diversity & Inclusion report, they openly admit that they are paying white people LESS than other ethnic groups in the name of 'pay equity."

Mark Cuban responded to both, writing:

"What a self own. You, @libsoftiktok , @elonmusk are all effectively saying that it is inconceivable that various minorities and women could be hired and promoted at @Microsoft, exclusively based on merit and as a result earn the HUGE incremental amount of 3/10th % to 1.2% more than a white person in the same job. There must be a word that describes this perspective, anyone got any suggestions? You are the exact reason why DEI exists."

After the group responded, Cuban continued, "Hey there @America1stLegal. Where is there any evidence of discrimination in @Microsoft's disclosure? Unless of course you believe that minorities can't be better qualified than white employees? Or maybe you believe that monorities earning more is a prima facie example of reverse discrimination? (Did I use the term correctly. You guys are the lawyers :))"