Mark Cuban Absolutely Eviscerates Far-Right Activist James O'Keefe

Mark Cuban is one of the better-known billionaires in the country. Many know him either as the owner of the Dallas Mavericks or from his role in the television show Shark Tank. 

James O'Keefe is a right-wing pundit best known as the former head of Project Veritas. He was fired by the company in 2023. 

This weekend, O'Keefe apparently attempted one of his gotcha-style interviews with Cuban this week. The Dallas Mavericks owner gave his own accounting of the experience on X this weekend. 

Cuban recounted, "So @JamesOKeefeIII decided to ambush me during the water break of my workout class," Cuban tweeted. "I wanted to give the highlights as I enjoyed the conversation. First the part I enjoyed the most I asked him if he was recording this. (Of course he was). He wouldn’t answer. He kept mumbling s---. So I looked him in the eyes and called him a Motherf-----g P---y."

The business magnate continued his rant, "I asked again. I think the 2nd time I may not have MF’d him. The next 2 or 3 times I asked, as we were walking, and he deflected , I definitely called him a motherf-----g p---y."

Cuban closed, "I told him only a motherf-----g moron thinks DEI is about quota. [I]t was the middle of an hour leg day, I was going to MF everything lol.