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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Threats Against 13 Congressional Republicans Result in Violent Threats [COMMENTARY]

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Threats Against 13 Congressional Republicans Result in Violent Threats [COMMENTARY]

Cancel Culture has had its moment. Now, instead of simply bullying people they don’t like off of social media for a few days, the more aggressive members of the far-right have created a new Revenge Culture where one tweet, or one infrastructure vote, can result in a full-scale attack on someone’s livelihood.

Or their actual life.

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) has a history of bullying and intimidation. She famously ran unopposed in her district after she and her supporters harassed her opponent so badly, he felt compelled to move his family out of state immediately after he dropped out of their race. Greene and her staff also harassed next-door work neighbor Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) to the point where Bush moved her office. She’s lost her Committee assignments thanks to her clashes with AOC and she infamously chased David Hogg with a gun in her purse, so it’s not really hard to believe that she used her Twitter account to encourage her followers to harass the 13 Republicans who dared vote for crazy Democratic things like better roads and bridges.

Thanks to her clear involvement in planning the January 6th insurrection, Greene feels she has protected status because Daddy Trump loves her. And that’s why she felt it was totally fine to tweet out the office numbers for her Republican colleagues like Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan, an 18-term moderate who voted for the bill and said that his office has received dozens of disturbing messages from random callers, some of which have amounted to death threats. Other GOP lawmakers like Reps. Adam Kinzinger, Don Bacon, and Nicole Malliotakis have all been similarly inundated with aggressive calls, according to media reports. One voicemail left for Kinzinger encouraged the Congressman to “slit his wrists and rot in hell.” Another caller told Bacon’s office that he hoped the congressman would slip and fall down a staircase.

Consequence-free threats are why the right loves the internet. They can be anyone, they can hide behind a screen, they can create fake profiles and spoof phone numbers to send threats via text. Greene and her cohort Matt Gaetz know their base and play right to them. And I know this from my own personal experience. Gaetz used his official government Twitter account to encourage his followers to harass me, which they’ve been gleefully doing for the past two months.

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Nice friends, GOP!

The right has let us know they’re fine with vigilante justice. We saw it on January 6th. We’ve seen it on the House floor thanks to Marjorie Manson and her cronies. The violence is only going to increase the deeper we get into the 2022 election cycle, and it’s not going to stay online anymore. It’s going to come to our front doors if this behavior isn’t somehow curbed before it can get even worse.

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