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Marjorie Taylor Greene Whines That She Doesn’t Want to Have ‘Anything to Do With Politics’ Anymore

Marjorie Taylor Greene Whines That She Doesn’t Want to Have ‘Anything to Do With Politics’ Anymore

Appearing on what just might be Steve Bannon’s last podcast for a while, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) clearly showed that the public scrutiny she receives has worn her down, and she let it be known that she doesn’t want to deal with anything she doesn’t like anymore.

Madge kicked off her complaints by first targeted President Joe Biden. She lamented that “too many Republicans” in Congress were supposedly unwilling to do what she believes is necessary to “stand up” to the President. “The stupid Republicans that just won’t push the line and won’t cross the line and won’t go far enough, because they’re scared!” she fumed. “Because somebody might stand up and challenge them, or someone’s going to write a bad news story, or simply whatever it may be!”

Marjie Greene says there's a chance to overturn the election
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This is the same woman who wrote a lengthy Twitter rant against the 13 Republicans who dared vote for the President’s infrastructure bill and used automatic weapons in her campaign videos, but let’s not get mired in things like details and facts.

Greene went on to accuse Republicans of being weak later in the segment as well. “It’s not the Democrats that are screwing you, it’s our own party,” she lamented. “And that is what happened, just like you said, Steve, after the Tea Party wave back in 2009 and 2010, when we took over and things that were supposed to be better, the Republican Party turned around and failed us!”

Greene then told Bannon that it was these failures that led her to run for Congress, even though she then said, “I don’t want to have anything to do with politics.” Twitter users picked up on that and ran with it, while reminding everyone of just how dangerous she really is.


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