Marjorie Taylor Greene Wants New York to Receive No More Federal Funding

Now that Donald Trump has been convicted on 34 counts, Republican lawmakers are lining up to prove their loyalty to him. Several Republican lawmakers announced that they would no longer work Democrats (not that they were making any effort to do so in the first place). 

Trump's top trolling agent, Marjorie Taylor Greene, wanted to make a point of coming up with the most extreme way to show her loyalty to Trump. The Georgia lawmaker proposed that the government stop providing any federal funding to the state of New York. 

Greene tweeted, "NO Federal funding to New York! I’m calling for it!!! New York needs to drop their conviction of Pres Trump! The whole thing was illegal! Republicans should not vote to fund a single penny to that corrupt state."

Many were quick to explain why idea wasn't very sound, including Keith Olberman, who responded, "Hey, Barney Rubble...You try to 'defund' us, we stop paying federal taxes and the red states starve within the month. Your call, Blockhead."

Another user named Ryan Shead, replied, "You should be removed from Congress and charged with treason. I’m calling for it!!!"

Of course, Greene is one of the least popular people in Congress and few will be willing to follow her.