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Marjorie Taylor Greene Throws On-Air Tantrum Over Things She Made Up About Abortion

Marjorie Taylor Greene Throws On-Air Tantrum Over Things She Made Up About Abortion

Republican Qongresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia appeared on the right-wing propaganda outlet Newsmax on Wednesday morning and ballistically fulminated over zany abortion conundrums that only exist in her head.


Greene was incensed following her attempt to pick a fight with Democratic lawmakers on the steps of the United States Capitol last week after the House of Representatives advanced the Women’s Health Protection Act that would codify into the law the constitutional protections enshrined in Roe versus Wade.

“I said, ‘Are you happy you passed a bill that babies can be slaughtered up until the day of birth?’ There were so many Democrats and they have their signs: ‘Build Back Better Women.’ How on Earth is it making women better by creating a law where they can kill a baby in their womb even though the baby is about to be born? How are we building back better women when we’re turning men into women?” Greene retorted. “And so I just started speaking out. Most of them weren’t saying anything to me but it was [Representative] Debbie Dingell [D-MI] – like a dingleberry – she started fussing at me, telling me I needed to be civil to my colleagues and act the way I would act going to church.”

That legislation, she declared, is “producing genocide in the Black population. They believe that life is so important that they are willing to shut down our economy, force children to stay home from school so no one dies from COVID. All of them voted for this bill that is actually producing genocide in the Black population because they put Planned Parenthood mostly in these Black-dominated neighborhoods and, you know, they’re just pushing abortion and birth control.”

Birth control medication actually prevents the need for an abortion.

“When we’re passing bills like that, no one in here believes in God. We’re fighting against this and I refuse to be quiet anymore,” Greene – one of the most bombastic conservatives in elected government – continued without a single shred of irony. “It’s not go-along and get-along.”

Greene then suggested that the only thing women should do with their lives is pop out kids.

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“Whether a pregnancy is planned, whether the baby is born perfectly healthy or not, being a mother is life-changing, life-altering, and makes women better people. And these abortions, these are actually things that can scar your body, they hurt you internally. And not only that,” the Congresswoman added, “they scar your soul, and women have to live with this.”

Watch the madness below:


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