Marjorie Taylor Greene Thinks A Facebook Gift Guide Can “Enforce” Equality

Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks that Facebook, by publishing a Gift Guide to help users find Black-owned businesses, is somehow “enforcing” equality — and she doesn’t like it at all. “All businesses matter,” she ranted Friday, as she learned that the popular social media site would campaign with the hashtag #BuyBlackFriday.

Marjorie Taylor Greene so offended at Facebook promoting equality
[Photo by Caroline Brehman/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]

Facebook published a Gift Guide for Buy Black Friday. You can see it here — it includes jewelry and beauty products, clothing and accessories, books, sporting goods, luxury sweets, and more — all from Black-owned businesses.

However, the new Congresswoman-elect from Georgia (a business owner herself) is not pleased. Perhaps it should be noted that her family business is construction, so perhaps not high on Facebook’s list to promote for Christmas gifts, regardless of racial justice. Still, Greene broke into a rant on Twitter, sharing what she had read about the Buy Black Friday initiative.

“All businesses matter,” she complained, adding, “Stop the racism!”

Perhaps most bizarre, however, is how she characterizes the initiative. Facebook isn’t forcing anyone to shop at Black-owned businesses, or even to peruse their gift guide. They certainly have no power of “enforcement” on anyone’s shopping choices.

She then added to her complaint, tweeting a Martin Luther King Jr. quote (the same one so often used by white supremacists to justify their opposition to racial justice actions) while calling Democrats hypocrites for “promot[ing] only one skin color.”

This is only part, incidentally, of Facebook’s Season of Support initiative, focused on helping small businesses. In addition to the Buy Black Friday Gift Guide, they’re releasing new tools on Facebook and Instagram to help small businesses reach consumers, many of whom will be shopping online more and in person less this year, and adding guides to help businesses establish an online presence.

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