Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Chip Roy and Lauren Boebert At The Same Time

In multiple tweets written on Thursday, Marjorie Taylor Greene attacked former friend Lauren Boebert and Texas Congressman Chip Roy. 

Thanks to Donald Trump's success within the GOP, scores of unqualified people decided they too could become politicians. The chickens are coming home to roost for the party. Republicans embarrassed themselves over the past month with their difficulty in finding a speaker. 

And the infighting in the House continued this week. Marjorie Taylor Greene attempted to censure Democrat Rashida Tlaib, but 23 Republicans voted against the measure. 

Chip Roy voted against the measure after tweeting yesterday, "Rep. Rashida Tlaib has repeatedly made outrageous remarks towards Israel and the Jewish people. Her conduct is unbecoming of a member of Congress and certainly worthy of condemnation - if not censure."

Linking to the tweet, Greene wrote, "You voted to kick me out of the Freedom Caucus, but keep CNN wannabe Ken Buck and vaping groping Lauren Boebert and you voted with the Democrats to protect Terrorist Tlaib. You hate Trump, certified Biden's election and could care less about J6 defendants being persecuted."

Greene and Boebert have been friendly in the past. They went viral for their hooting and hollering during a Joe Biden State of the Union address. But the friendship is seemingly over judging by Greene's willingness to shade Boebert in feud that had nothing to do with her."