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Marjorie Taylor Greene Scolds and Teases Dems For Courting LGBTQ Votes and Wearing Masks

Marjorie Taylor Greene Scolds and Teases Dems For Courting LGBTQ Votes and Wearing Masks

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-GA) seems to only exist as a MAGA mouthpiece at this point, appearing on fringe internet talk shows because not even Fox News will have her on. Without any committee assignments or any other real purpose in Congress, Greene is essentially just marking time until she can no longer avoid having to testify before the January 6th House Select Committee.

Until then, she’s going to burn it all down. And where better to do that than on The Blaze’s hate channel? Madge went full-on QAnon while also trotting out all of the usual MAGA party line talking points as dictated by Dear Leader (side note to ol’ Marjorie: he’s not going to do a thing to help you when it all catches up to you, just an FY-to-the-Izzo)

Our friend Patriot Takes is doing the Lord’s work by keeping an eye on all of the terrible social media platforms that let Marjorie Manson ramble on without consequences, like Gab and Telegram, so we don’t have to. I like to imagine the person behind Patriot Takes having to take a whole lot of Silkwood showers at the end of the day, but we’re grateful for their service in finding the tainted chestnuts for us.

Encouraging, huh?

Anyhoo, Greene has followed up her threats to her own Republican colleagues by bringing all of her greatest hits to her latest chat on The Blaze, including blatant homophobia and transphobia. Let’s watch!

But wait, there’s more! Greene also thinks Democrats are “godless” and Christians don’t love her invisible Sky Daddy enough like she does, because no one taught her about the separation of Church and State and Crazy.

And despite everyone knowing that every member of Congress is vaccinated per the rules, and that Greene has incurred mask fines into the triple digits, she’s still playing like she’s one of you, the unvaccinated masses yearning to breathe freely all over other people because who cares about ever eradicating Covid?

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So, basically, if you have the audacity to be entertained by your television instead of living at Jesus’s house like Marjorie does, you aren’t good enough for her. Which I think is probably just fine by everyone reading this, because we’re up against a lot right now.


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