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Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Republicans Shouldn’t Fear A Kamala Harris Presidency — “Dems Don’t Like Her”

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says Republicans Shouldn’t Fear A Kamala Harris Presidency — “Dems Don’t Like Her”

If you believe Marjorie Taylor Greene, the only reason President Joe Biden hasn’t been impeached yet isn’t a complete lack of impeachable offenses, but Vice President Kamala Harris. If Biden was removed from office, Harris would be next in line, followed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

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However, Greene says her colleagues shouldn’t worry about a Harris presidency, and should go forward with impeachment, because, she claims, Democrats hate Harris. The Georgia Representative, who has only briefly been back on Twitter after her last suspension, announced this in a tweet Sunday morning.

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Her full logic isn’t really clear — she seems to be suggesting that impeaching Biden would be good, because Harris would be even worse for America (by her standards), thereby harming the Democratic Party. Yet, if she genuinely believes that Biden must be removed because of the damage he’s (in her view) doing to the nation, placing someone in office who (she believes) would do even more damage seems counter-productive — unless, of course, the real motivation is just to harm the opposing party, regardless of the effect on the country as a whole.

Greene’s obsession with impeaching Biden has been on full display since the election, resurging this week with a new attempt. Forbes reports that she’s introduced three more untenable articles of impeachment, over the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, undocumented immigrants entering the country via the southern border, and for the extension of the eviction moratorium that was initially enacted by the Trump Administration.

It’s highly unlikely that VP Harris is the reason the GOP isn’t supporting Greene in moving forward these articles of impeachment.

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