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Marjorie Taylor Greene Says ‘Regime Change’ Is More Urgent In U.S. Than Russia

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says ‘Regime Change’ Is More Urgent In U.S. Than Russia

Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t the only member of Congress who has shown open support for an insurrectionist mob. Still, not many elected officials would go so far as to declare that it’s more important to overthrow their own democratically-elected President than to end a dictatorship that is currently carrying out war crimes.

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Of course, if there’s a take too ridiculous, too insurrectionist, too unprofessional, for almost anyone to take, Greene can be counted on to step in. From blaming wildfires on Jewish space lasers to considering herself a victim on a Holocaust level because she’s required to wear a mask on the House floor and on planes, Greene has racked up quite a record.

Now, after President Joe Biden’s statements on Russia needing a regime change, as Putin continues with attacks on Ukraine and spreading propaganda to his own people, Greene is weighing in on where a regime change is really most needed — and according to her, it’s the United Staets.

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Greene asserts that President Biden is “ruining our country,” and that removing him is thus more urgent than responding to Putin’s attacks on Ukraine, but then, she’s also made it clear that she’s sick of hearing about Ukraine at all, and thinks that “real Americans” don’t care about Ukraine, and are focused only on inflation and gas prices.

Still, when the investigation into the 2021 insurrection attempt is still ongoing, declaring a need for a “regime change” in the U.S. isn’t really a wise take, especially from someone who’s already adjacent to the movement that turned into the attack. Maybe that’s why Greene hedged her bets with a follow-up tweet just bearing the hashtag “#impeachBiden.”

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