Marjorie Taylor Greene On Overturning Election — “Anything Is Possible”

Marjorie Taylor Greene, elected in Georgia to the U.S. House of Representatives, still says she thinks there’s a possibility of overturning the election results on Wednesday, despite the odds.

Marjie Greene says there's a chance to overturn the election
[Photo by Dustin Chambers/Getty Images]

In the clip below, Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asks Greene if she thinks there’s a real chance, noting that what GOP objectors are really buying when they refuse to certify the electoral vote is just a few hours of debate on the Congressional floor. Courts have thrown out cases attempting to alter the outcome, the Supreme Court has refused to hear Trump’s attorneys, and the GOP doesn’t have the votes in Congress to overturn the election even if they were all unified in the attempt — which they aren’t.

Greene sounds like she recognizes that it’s not a sure thing, but still sees the goal as something less than unrealistic. “Anything is possible,” she declares, before going on to accuse the Republican party of “just lay[ing] down and hand[ing] something over.”

Greene, as a newcomer to Congress, has already made a name for herself by latching onto this particular cause, as well as through her vocal anti-mask activism, her political ad threatening her congressional co-workers, and her support of Q-Anon conspiracy theories.

Not all her GOP colleagues are in lockstep on this though — Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-Illinois) has called the protest vote “an utter scam” and called out those participating in it as grifters who are just using it to bring in donations and political support, saying they’re misleading their constituents by pretending they can stop Joe Biden from becoming President.

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