Marjorie Taylor Greene & Matt Gaetz Campaign Hemorrhaging Money As They Scramble To Keep Venues

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz have been carrying out a campaign tour across the country, holding events where they stoke fears of such amorphous and versatile villains as socialism, “cancel culture,” and “woketopians.” This hasn’t been going as well for them as they might have hoped.

[Photo by Megan Varner/Getty Images]

First of all, Greene and Gaetz have hit a few stumbling blocks, such as having venues cancel their events, forcing them to seek out new places to meet with their fans. The result of this is Greene scrambling to find someone to blame, and Gaetz threatening lawsuits over being denied access to venues.

Of course, they’ve also been amply trolled, with one viral video creator actually showing up to shout, “I don’t believe you’re a pedophile!” at Gaetz (who immediately began looking around for his security team.)

Now, though, a new report shows they’re struggling in another way. According to AlterNet, their joint committee has raised just under $60k — and spent $287,036.19 on costs of holding their events, leaving them in the red by over $225k.

They’ve both transferred a chunk of their own campaigns — $150k each — to the joint committee, and are reportedly focusing on small-dollar donors — but Gaetz has felt the need to defend this on Twitter, insisting that he “canceled [PACs] before they canceled me” and that he refuses donations from PACs and lobbyists.

Both Gaetz and Greene have their own PR troubles at the moment, with Gaetz a subject of a child sex trafficking investigation, and Greene busily spreading anti-vax propaganda and conspiracy theories.

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