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Marjorie Taylor Greene Lashes Out At GOP Colleague For Condemning White Supremacy

Marjorie Taylor Greene Lashes Out At GOP Colleague For Condemning White Supremacy

Over the weekend, the United States suffered a mass shooting that appears to be tied to a racist false notion known as ‘replacement theory.’ In response, as law enforcement moves the accused shooter through the system, public figures and elected officials have set an example by speaking out against racism, hate, and violence. However, not everyone is happy about this.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, in particular, seems to think that condemning white supremacy is a thing only Democrats should do, and has lashed out at one of her Republican colleagues for daring to engage in the practice.

Greene had already rejected the notion that spreading racist conspiracy theories helped provoke yet another racist crime, tweeting that “the only person to blame is the young man that pulled the trigger.”

This, of course, followed some colleagues pointing out that she and other right-wing extremists in Congress have promoted the same racist theories that the accused shooter cited in a manifesto attributed to him.

However, Liz Cheney did not call out Greene (by name) in her tweet — she addressed that Republican leadership has failed to hold members responsible for open acts and statements of racism, and called for GOP leadership to “renounce and reject” racist viewpoints — and “those who hold them.”

It seems Greene felt a little called out, because she attacked, accusing Cheney of courting Democratic donors and tweeting “divisive lies” to “cling to her seat.”

Does Greene not realize that denouncing racism is actually a good thing?

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