Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Dropping a Hint That She May Run For President in 2024

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 changed the country in many ways. It did, however, prove one thing for sure. That anyone, no matter their past, reputation, or qualifications, could be voted into the highest office in the country.

And Trump’s win has spurred many more unqualified people to public office. Lauren Boebert, a high school dropout who has been arrested multiple times, is a US congresswoman. And Madison Crawthorn, a college dropout with a history of lying about his achievements is also in the House of Representatives.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is yet another unqualified Republican congresswoman. And looking at her fundraising numbers, she’s a popular one at that. And it looks like the Georgia congresswoman could be looking to parlay that popularity into higher office.

According to Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg News, “Marjorie Taylor Greene, GOP congresswoman from Georgia, plans to appear at Iowa State Fair Aug. 19, sources tell me. The fair is a traditional venue for politicians contemplating presidential campaigns, so it’s sparking questions about whether she may try to seek WH.”

Jacobs continues, “It’s not yet clear whether Marjorie Taylor Greene will speak at Iowa State Fair or just attend it. Des Moines Register this year isn’t organizing a Soap Box, which politicians in the past have used to raise their profiles for a national campaign.”

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