Marjorie Taylor Greene: I Get Emotional Over The Thought Of Donald Trump Going To Jail

During a talk this week with Alex Jones, Marjorie Taylor Greene said she gets emotional thinking about the sacrifices Donald Trump is willing to make for the country. 

This week Jim Jordan, who is closely tied to Donald Trump, failed to become the Speaker of the House. Many of the Republicans who voted against Jordan did so because they serve in centrist districts. And it can be political poison to be tied to Donald Trump in a purple state. 

Greene, who serves in a deep Red district in Georgia doesn't have any of those concerns. She gushed about Trump to the conspiracy theorist host, saying, "I spoke with President Trump earlier, and what I tell him, what I'm telling him every time I talk to him, is he is a hero for America."

The host then chimed in, "How incredible is it when he says I'm ready to go to jail for this country?"

"It is overwhelming," the embattled GOP congresswoman replied. "It makes you feel emotional when you hear him say that because he is telling the truth, and he means it when he says he's willing to go to jail, he's willing to lose anything to save this country."