Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Meltdown Over Beginning of Steve Bannon's Sentence

Steve  Bannon was the architect of Donald Trump's successful presidential run in 2016. He wasn't really rewarded for his service; Trump brought him into the White House but fired him soon after. Still, Bannon has continued to fight for Trump and is even willing to go to jail for his cause. 

Bannon will begin his sentence today for refusing to comply with a subpoena. The pundit had hoped that the courts might step in to protect them and that didn't happen. Bannon does have one person in his corner, though; Marjorie Taylor Greene. 

The Georgia Congresswoman had a bit of a meltdown on Monday morning while defending her friend. She began, "While Republicans want to turn on cruise control and coast to November, the Biden regime is putting patriotic Americans in prison, and turning a blind eye to government weaponization."

The message continued, "Tomorrow, Steve Bannon will report to federal prison. This is a DISGRACE to our country, and an affront to the principles of justice it was founded upon. Republican voters need to fight harder than ever: this election is not over."

Donald Trump was more than happy to use his pardon power to protect those close to him when he was in office. He is unable to do anything to help Bannon right bow, though.