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Marjorie Taylor Greene Has A Lot Of Wild Theories About Her Twitter Ban

Marjorie Taylor Greene Has A Lot Of Wild Theories About Her Twitter Ban

What’s the real reson behind Marjorie Taylor Greene’s permanent ban from Twitter? According to the social media giant, and basically any rational person who has been observing the Congresswoman’s tweets, it’s because she can’t — or at least, won’t — stop breaking the site’s rules of conduct for using the platform. If, instead, you ask Greene, however, it’s pretty much anyone’s fault but her own.

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Keeping an eye on Greene’s other social media pages, PatriotTakes picked up on her blame of a fellow Republican U.S. House member, Dan Crenshaw. The two have sniped at each other pretty heavily over Crenshaw’s recent support for COVID-19 testing, but in the screenshot below, Greene accuses Crenshaw of posting stalker photos of her and hints that her disagreement with him on COVID-19 precautions is why she was kicked off Twitter.

Note, she’s not suggesting that it’s the COVID-19 denialism she espoused that earned her a ban, but specifically disagreeing with Crenshaw and his “globalist friends.”

“Did I offend Dan’s globalist friends at the World Economic Forum?”

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Of course, there can never only be one conspiracy theory, so Greene has also developed an elaborate explanation of why Twitter must reinstate her account immediately — in short, she believes they owe her.

[Screenshot via Marjorie Taylor Greene/Gab]

On her Gab account, Greene posted a series of screenshots from the times that her Twitter account has been suspended, addressing specifically a few times when the site said that it was in error. By her count, this means that Twitter owes her reinstatement, since she hasn’t yet been suspended five times for rulebreaking.

Notably, Twitter’s policy also explains that it is possible to accrue multiple strikes in a single tweet.

We may require customers to delete Tweets that are found to violate this policy and are severely harmful. We may also temporarily lock you out of your account before you can Tweet or share information again. These tweets will accrue 2 strikes in accordance with our strike policy stated below.

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