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Marjorie Taylor Greene Doubles Down On ‘Jihad Squad’ Racism After Lauren Boebert’s Nonpology

Marjorie Taylor Greene Doubles Down On ‘Jihad Squad’ Racism After Lauren Boebert’s Nonpology

Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene, two of the newest members of Congress, don’t seem to be backing down from the racist rhetoric of calling Ilhan Omar and her nearest allies in the Democratic Party the ‘Jihad squad.” In fact, even though Boebert issued a half-hearted apology, Greene is angry about even that minimal pretense of remorse.

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Boebert can be seen in a clip appearing to pretend she’s a stand-up comedian, as she tells a story in which a Capitol Police officer is showing concern, and Boebert concludes that it’s due to the presence of Ilhan Omar, with a punchline about how she reckons it’s probably okay, since her fellow Congresswoman isn’t wearing a backpack that might conceal explosives.

Omar has said the story is a complete fabrication, and there have been a few official apologies of the “sorry you were offended” variety. Still, Greene is doubling down on her fellow GOP rep’s racism, declaring that Omar and others are “Islamic terrorist sympathizers,” and as such, should never receive an apology.

Notably, the attacks on Omar go further than simple verbal displays of racism, as Patriot Takes reminds with a resurfaced clip in which Boebert promises that when Republicans gain control of the House again, they’ll get their revenge on Democrats by stripping Omar and others of their committee assignments.

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Boebert and Greene, for the record, were not stripped of committee assignments due to their race, religion, or political affiliation, but as punishment for their actual behaviors in Congress, including attacks on other members.

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