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Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends Insurrectionists, Calls US Capitol ‘One of the Most Evil Places’

Marjorie Taylor Greene Defends Insurrectionists, Calls US Capitol ‘One of the Most Evil Places’

Barely a day goes by without Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) saying something distressingly nutty and this Wednesday was no exception. During a town hall, Greene defended the domestic terrorists that stormed the United States Capitol on January 6th and then proceeded to trash the seat of federal power as “one of the most evil places” on Earth.


First, Greene suggested – falsely – that individuals who did nothing wrong were being charged with high crimes.

She said that some people “didn’t even go in” and had “just walked up and saw what was happening” at the Capitol during the siege – and that designating witnesses as “insurrectionists… is a very serious charge that affects people for the rest of their lives.”

Greene then declared that she was really oFfEnDeD that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had included language in a bill that designated the Capitol as “the temple of our American Democracy,” in the secular context of the word.

“It called the Capitol ‘a temple,’ Greene said. “[House Speaker Nancy Pelosi] thinks that place is a church, and she calls it a sacred place. I cannot vote for a bill that calls the Capitol ‘a temple.’ That is one of the most evil places; horrible things happen there. They attack God’s creation and wipe out male and female. It’s a place where they make abortion legal and fund it to kill over 62 million people in the womb. That is not a temple. And if it is a temple, God is not in that temple.”

Greene – perhaps unaware that the Constitution forbids state-sanctioned religion and that other faiths besides hers exist – managed to out-crazy herself once again.

Does she not realize where she works?

The legislation’s purpose was to award the Capitol Police, the District of Columbia Police, and the Smithsonian Institution with Congressional Gold Medals for their roles in defending the Capitol on January 6th.

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Greene and 12 other Republicans in the House of Representatives voted no.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:


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