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Marjorie Taylor Greene Declares “Blood On The Hands” Of Disinformation Spreaders During Pandemic

Marjorie Taylor Greene Declares “Blood On The Hands” Of Disinformation Spreaders During Pandemic

Is that the sound of irony dying a miserable, screeching death? Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is now calling out people who “lie” about COVID-19 treatments, saying they “have blood on their hands.” This isn’t exactly an uncommon or unpopular sentiment, with over half a million American lives lost in the pandemic — but the source and context make it unusual.

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Greene isn’t talking about people who spread false conspiracy theories about getting vaccinated against COVID-19 (in fact, she did so herself just a few tweets before) or who use the pandemic as a dogwhistle for xenophobic attacks (as she, in fact, does in the same tweet) though — she seems to be talking about people who mock conservatives for their obsession with medications that aren’t approved or proven for treatment of the virus.

She says that people who are “lying about ivermectin have blood on their hands.”

The truth about ivermectin, though, is that while there have been studies about its use against COVID-19, there has thus far been no conclusive evidence supporting it, and that, while it absolutely has human uses, conspiracy believers are buying veterinary ivermectin to use on themselves, which is dangerous.

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Meanwhile, Greene herself claimed, contrary to evidence, that being vaccinated against COVID-19 could be ” causing death or damage to people’s health.”

While the vaccine, like all medications, has had some incidence of side effects, studies experts have affirmed, as Healthline reports, that the small risks associated with vaccination don’t compare with the risks of contracting the virus while unvaccinated.

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