Marjorie Taylor Greene Caught Lying About DC Shutdown

Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the new batch of Congresspeople-elect going through orientation in Washington, D.C. right now. She’s using her social media platforms to complain about what has been shut down by “Democrat tyrannical control.” Unfortunately for Greene, she chose an example that’s easily proven to be a lie.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Republican star, says Donald Trump
[Screenshot via Marjorie Taylor Greene/YouTube]

Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to enjoy any excuse to post videos of her physical fitness routines. She didn’t miss the chance in D.C., sharing a clip of a workout she was doing in her hotel room. However, she chose to caption it with a claim that she’s being forced to resort to this because, unlike her home in Georgia, where her CrossFit gym is open, in D.C. things are closed. The problem is that this isn’t true.

Here‘s the CrossFit DC website as it currently appears.

[Screenshot via Crossfit DC]

Their website clearly declares that they’re open. It does say no drop-ins, and that class space is limited. So, while Greene is clearly making a false statement when she suggests that the gym is closed, there’s the possibility that it’s not as accessible as she might like. How limited is the class space?

The sign-up form is here.

[Screenshot via Crossfit DC]

According to the forms, Crossfit has two DC locations, and one has openings to join classes immediately. There are also other gyms in D.C. that are open.

It’s possible that the openings don’t work with Greene’s schedule, or that she just wants to be able to work out on her own time without having to join a class. Those, though, aren’t complaints about a shutdown — they’re complaints that a business isn’t conforming to the desires of one (potential) customer.

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