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Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls To Abandon Ukraine, Pull Out Of NATO

Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls To Abandon Ukraine, Pull Out Of NATO

Marjorie Taylor Greene is sick of the United States trying to help Ukraine protect itself against the Russian invasion. She blasted the effort on Twitter, declaring that it’s time to pull out of NATO.

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Tweeting in the late hours of Wednesday night, Greene shared a screenshot of a news article that addressed Russian threats of backlash against the U.S. for efforts to help Ukraine. She opined that NATO and the efforts to provide Ukraine with means to defend itself are just “dragging us into” war, and that the U.S. should back off, leaving Ukraine to fend for itself, and in fact, pull out of NATO.

Following up Thursday morning, Greene grumbled that “while no one agrees with the war in Ukraine,” the bigger concerns are high gas prices, inflation, immigration, and the “high crime” rates in the U.S. (MacroTrends has statistics showing crime on a fairly steady decline in the U.S. since the 1990s, with only a few scattered years over that period in which crime increased.)

She called for protests to stop “this insane President” from sending the nation into nuclear war, and declared that the current “fragile state” of the U.S. means Russia will destroy us. (Everyone remembers what happened last time the right called on their supporters to ‘protest’ and stop the government from doing something they didn’t like, right?)

Ironically, she brought up a topic that the left has long expressed concerns about — the amount of tax dollars the U.S. pours into military spending — and appeared to blame it on Ukraine, suggesting that the nation should have allied with Russia instead of “grinding up Ukraine to fight.”

Despite Greene’s outlying views, there has been, overwhelmingly, bipartisan support for assisting Ukraine in its defense.

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