Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Another GOP House Rep. a Pu**y

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been the chief culture warrior in the GOP since she took office. And she has focused on pushing issues that enrage Republicans on the hard right. And she doesn't seem to care how her actions might hurt Republicans who serve in purple areas of the country. 

This week, MTG attempted to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas, the head of Homeland Security. Her plot failed when 8 of her fellow Republicans voted against the measure. This group included Darrell Issa of California. 

Issa chided Greene, saying, "The history of privileged resolutions is that they’re brought by the majority leader or the minority leader. Privileged resolutions are not — have not historically been — brought by one member. And when they do come from one member, they’re most often referred to committee, as it was yesterday."

The California Rep. continued, "You know, look, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a hardworking member of Congress. But she, I believe, she lacks the maturity and the experience to understand what she was asking for, and how ill prepared we would have been to do it on short notice on the floor."

Greene responded by reposting a meme of Donald Trump saying, 'she said he was a pu**y.' The congresswoman also tweeted, "Darrell Issa is right, I am a hardworking member of Congress who puts the American people first. But we all know what Darrell Issa lacks...'