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Marjorie Taylor Greene Busted Bilking Taxpayers for Illegal Mailer

Marjorie Taylor Greene Busted Bilking Taxpayers for Illegal Mailer

United States GOP Qongresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia was busted on Wednesday for sending a mailer to her constituents – at the expense of American taxpayers – which violates the House of Representatives’ rules on what types of solicitations lawmakers are permitted to distribute to their constituents.

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NBC’s Seth MacFarlane explained in a Twitter thread what Greene did, and why hers is even more egregious than usual.

“Taxpayers are paying for this mailer sent by Rep Marjorie Taylor-Greene (R-Ga) It’s a piece of official ‘franked mail’.. a Congressional perk to provide ‘official communication’ by elected officials at taxpayer expense Rules prohibit ‘political’ mailings,” MacFarlane began.

“The US House Commission on Congressional Mailing Standards formally approved using the taxpayer ‘franking privilege’ for this mailer in September. Rep. Taylor-Greene has introduced formal legislation that is referenced in the mailing. I’ve read a lot of ‘franked mail’ through the years … and rarely, if ever, seen FOX NEWS logos Mailer includes the standard/required disclaimer about taxpayer expense,” he said.

“I’ve reached out to Greene staff and House Administration Committee Republican staff for comment and background… and have been waiting for response. This is a distinctive mailer …. in the sphere of Congressional ‘franked mail’ Here it is: frankingfiles.house.gov/26-74021-22.pdf. Congress spent about $20 million tax dollars on franked mail in 2018 per Congressional Research Service,” MacFarlane continued.

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“Taxpayers Protection Alliance head David Williams, ‘Instead of using taxpayer money to try and impeach Joe Biden, Rep. Greene should be looking for ways to save taxpayer money,'” MacFarlane said, adding a statement given by Greene in which she redirected the focus onto removing the president from office:

Joe Biden has unleashed an invasion on our Southern border, acted as a tyrannical dictator, and failed our country in Afghanistan by leaving Americans behind and 13 troops dead. With his approval ratings in the toilet, the American people have had enough of a Joe Biden presidency and are ready to remove him from office. It’s my honor to represent the people of Northwest Georgia and stop the Democrats’ radical policies, which is exactly why they sent me to Congress.

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