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Marjorie Greene’s GOP Primary Opponent Says He Was Told She Was the White House’s Choice

Marjorie Greene’s GOP Primary Opponent Says He Was Told She Was the White House’s Choice

Marjorie Taylor Greene so offended at Facebook promoting equality

Marjorie Taylor Greene was once a controversial QAnon congressional candidate. Once she won that primary she sailed into the House of Representatives winning her election by nearly 50 points.

Marjorie Greene misleads with Twitter complaint
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Since she’s been a member of congress, Greene has frequently embarrassed the party. Videos surfaced of her harassing teen-aged activists and calling for the execution of Nancy Pelosi. Greene’s opponent in the Republican party said he was told that they knew she was bad, but had the backing of the White House.

John Cowan, who ran against Greene in the Republican primary, says he had many conversations with Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise. “She’s bad for the party,” he told party leaders. “I said she has real problems and does not represent, at least what I think of as, someone who would be allowed even in a big-tented party. I mean, at some point, you have to say, ‘No shoes, no shirt, no service.'”

Cowan also says that powerful figures like Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows pushed Greene. “The House Freedom Caucus put their fingers on the scale in a big way. By default it was sort of, ‘She must be Trump’s person.’ If those guys are going to bat for her, she must be Trump’s endorsed person.”

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Like many said about Trump, Cowan says Republicans hoped the importance of the job would have reined in Greene. “Maybe they just assumed that the awe of winning an election would calm her down a little bit, and so she would actually be interested in governing and he interested in policy, and she’s just clearly not. She is literally there for a stage production.”


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