Marjorie Greene’s Civil War Fantasies Are Dangerous, Warns Opponent

Marjorie Taylor Greene, running to represent Georgia’s 15th Congressional district, is known for her Q-anon conspiracy ties and her threats against protestors, and her perpetual claims of conservative victimhood. Her opponent believes she should be known for something else: the risk her ideologies pose to the nation.

Marjorie Green threatens antifa for Trump
[Screenshot via Marjorie Greene/YouTube]

Kevin Van Ausdal says that Greene’s extremism is dangerous, and that her support of Kyle Rittenhouse, who is charged with the murder of two men who were protesting for racial justice, is one more reason for concern.

In addition to threatening protestors herself, Greene praised Kyle Rittenhouse for taking a weapon to patrol the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin, and called his shooting of three protestors, two of whom were reportedly pursuing him after the first shooting, an act of self-defense.

She has been called out for using her acceptance speech to call Nancy Pelosi a “b*tch.”

Van Ausdal’s campaign responded with a statement.

The Van Ausdal campaign would like to be clear: no woman, regardless of her status, title, or station, should be subjected to the denigrating language employed last night by Marjorie Taylor Greene…It is unbecoming of a major party nominee to resort to this petty divisiveness.

With a fairly moderate platform on the issues, Van Ausdal is running largely on not being harsh abrasive, and on the idea that “…blaming other people never puts a dollar in your pocket or creates a job for a family. You have to be willing to fix things – sometimes when it means having to do the dirty work yourself.”

Northwest Georgia doesn’t need someone who is looking to make themselves a twitter personality, who traffics in conspiracy theories and has every excuse to avoid taking responsibility when they are shown how wrong and how toxic they are.

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