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Marisa Tomei Has Hilarious Reaction to Rudy Giuliani’s “My Cousin Vinny Reference”

Marisa Tomei Has Hilarious Reaction to Rudy Giuliani’s “My Cousin Vinny Reference”

On Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump’s team of lawyers held a press conference. The event was the talk of the internet, but not quite for the reasons the White House was hoping. From the ooze dripping down the side of Rudy Giuliani’s face to the wild accusations from Sidney Powell, the presser was a complete disaster.

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Another notable moment from the event was Rudy Giuliani referencing the movie, My Cousin Vinny, to make a claim about election fraud. The reference certainly caught the attention of Marisa Tomei. The actress starred in the 1992 film and won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her portrayal of Mona Lisa Vito.

Giuliani asked on Thursday:

“Did you all watch “My Cousin Vinny”? One of my favorite law movies because he comes from Brooklyn, and when the nice lady said she saw and he says to her, how many fingers do I got up? And she says, “Three.” She was too far away to see it was only two. These people were further away than my cousin Vinnie was from the witness. They couldn’t see a thing. I don’t know.”

Tomei responded on her Twitter feed with a GIF of her character from the movie looking bemused. She simply captioned the photo “…mood.”

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This isn’t the first time that the actress has come out against the Trump administration. She spoke at a 2017 rally against the president that included figures like Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore and Fisher Stevens.



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