Mario Murillo Says Christians Need a George Patton to Defeat Woke Culture

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Mario Murillo believes that Christians need a figure resembling General George Patton – who led the Allied invasion of Normandy in World War Two – to win their war against woke culture in the United States.

“Patton’s fundamental approach to war in the natural is the precise tactic for war that we need now,” Murillo said in an interview with Charisma News. “For example, he didn’t want his men digging foxholes. He was about advancing, moving forward, taking the offensive to the enemy.”

Murillo called on members of the clergy to adopt Patton’s offensive tactics in order to win their make-believe culture war.

“I’ve got a war to win,” Patton would say, which Murillo wants as the credo of his “anointed resistance” movement.

“Imagine if that spirit got on preachers today. If they were not as concerned about public relations as they are about obeying God and preaching sermons that please the Holy Spirit, even when they may offend other people,” said Murillo.

“When I used to preach against drugs, everybody loved me,” Murillo continued. “And when I preached against gang violence, everybody loved me. But when socialism became the worst drug in the ghetto, and the Democratic Party became the most dangerous gang in the ghetto, it was a natural evolution to start talking about those things.”

He stands by his opinion that sensitivity to racial injustice is an affront to God’s teachings.

“When wokeness struck America, we didn’t realize all the subterranean tentacles that it had in so many institutions,” said Murillo. “We can’t be afraid of how different we’re going to look if we obey God in a woke and cancel culture, because His approach and the message to this culture are going to be different. There are fresh words that God wants to use and fresh tactics He wants to anoint.”

Murillo is a self-proclaimed prophet, outspoken homophobe, and supporter of former President Donald Trump who has stood by his incorrect prediction that President Joe Biden would lose the 2020 election.

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