Mario Murillo: God Will Wipe Out America to Save Her From Democrats and Drag Queens

End Times folks are always threatening us with a good time. Last weekend, right-wing pastor Mario Murillo went on an unhinged tirade at Harvest International Ministry’s “Global Summit” where he prophesied that God is planning on obliterating America in order to save her from Democrats and drag queens.


First, the homophobic Murillo said that God makes him feel fierce:

I felt the fierceness, the rage, and the absolute spirit of God Almighty, to where I begin to tell you, I fear for the Democrat Party tonight, because you ain’t messing with me anymore. you’re not even messing with the people in this room, and you’re not messing with these pastors. I saw God get up off of his throne, roll up his sleeves, and tell America, ‘I’m coming. Somebody help. I’m coming! I’m coming!’

Gross dude.

Continuing on, Murillo declared that after God sashays down to Earth, Bill Gates is getting punked:

And I’m going to tell you that this is not all good news. No no no. Listen to me. God said, ‘Whatever I have to do to save America, I will do it. If it means natural disaster, I’ll do it. If it means destroying her economy and her global prestige, I will do it. If it means that I need to do some things where preachers start dying in the pulpit like Ananias and Sapphira – if the moguls and the billionaires like Bill Gates suddenly have their jets go missing – the hand of God can come on America like a hurricane, like a storm, help me somebody, like fire, and that fire can come with such force, that our entire standard of living can be altered overnight.

Murillo claimed that the petty invisible busybody in the sky is seething over drag queens, transgender individuals, and corporations who objected to Georgia’s new Jim Crow voting restrictions:

God is not about drag queens reading to our children. God is not about your 6-year-old, because of social media, thinking she’s a boy. This gender-bending, this perversion, this Coca-Cola, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, all of you that are sitting there telling Georgia how they can write their laws, through your money, you’re going to tell a free state in America what they can do? God’s not gonna sit back, folks. Jehovah-Jireh is on the move. Jehovah-Jireh is on the move. He’s coming. He’s coming with fire. He’s coming as a lion.

He concluded:

God is coming to save America, but it’s not gonna be fun. All of you evangelical leaders who voted for Joe Biden, and God help you, turned around and told other Christians to vote for Joe Biden, you think you’re going to get off the hook scot-free? You think you’re gonna get a little slap on the wrist? There’s a mighty God coming and saying, ‘How could you endorse abortion like that? How can you destroy a marriage?’

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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