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Marine Who Said He Was Lover of Elizabeth Warren Lied About His Service

Marine Who Said He Was Lover of Elizabeth Warren Lied About His Service

Activists Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkham have achieved notoriety by creating conspiracy theories about opponents of Donald Trump. The duos best known scheme may have been their attempt to accuse Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller of sexual assault.

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The activist’s reach has changed since that moment as Wohl has been banned from Twitter and other platforms. That doesn’t mean their activities have ceased as this week they had a former Marine say he was a former lover of Elizabeth Warren. The former serviceman, however, wasn’t on the up and up as it appears he lied about his military career.

The accuser, who’s name is Kelvin Ty Whelly, claimed he was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. Wohl and Burkman had also claimed that the Marine had been awarded a Purple Heart.

Burkman and Wohl had used Whelly’s service to strengthen the veracity of his claim. Wohl yelled at the mocking crowd, “Let me just tell you one thing, when it comes to honoring service here. We don’t play around and if you’re going to keep impugning this serviceman’s service. Fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan then you’re going to leave.”

When asked to describe his experience, Whelly said, “My service in Afghanistan, it was very….early in my Marine Corps time [when I was] just getting to my unit. I was stationed in Hawaii. 1/3 [1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment]. It’s on Wikipedia but in 2012 we were stationed in Afghanistan…deployed to Afghanistan.”

The men were apparently lying about Whelly’s service. According to Newsweek, “The U.S. Marine Corps confirmed Whelly is a ex-Marine and served with the infantry unit in Hawaii as a machine gunner; However, the former lance corporal does not have any overseas deployments.”

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The former Marine also shot down Wohl’s claim that he received a Purple Heart. He told reporters, “I do not have a Purple Heart, even if you’re wounded you have to put in for a Purple Heart.”


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