Marco Rubio’s John Lewis Tribute Was Actually A Photo Of Elijah Cummings

As many in U.S. government shared tributes to Senator John Lewis in the wake of his death, Senator Marco Rubio joined in. Tweeting that it was an honor to know John Lewis, and calling the denator a historic American hero, Rubio appended a photo of himself with…Elijah Cummings, who also served in Congress, until his death last year.

marco rubio mixes up black legistlators
[Photo by Al-Drago-Pool/Getty Images]

Across party lines, elected officials have been expressing their sorrow at the death of Senator John Lewis, and praising his work for civil rights. Some conservatives, however, are getting backlash from constituents who say the praise falls flat when they worked against Lewis as legislators. No one, however, is getting called out to the degree Marco Rubio is.

Marco Rubio mixes up Black legislators
[Screenshot via Marco Rubio/Twitter]

“I guess all dead black men look alike to you,” responded one person, preserving for posterity a screenshot showing that Rubio had also made the photo with Elijah Cummings his profile photo. Many others said much the same.

Rubio deleted the tweet, and reposted, acknowledging only that he had used the “wrong photo,” and failing to respond to the specific criticism or

Rubio did also tweet his condolences to the family of Representative Elijah Cummings last year upon his death, but kept it a bit simpler, with a plain text statement and no attempt to add a photo of himself with the Cummings.

Rubio’s only response to the accusations of racial bias in mixing up two Black legislators, with whom he worked for years, was to include in his replacement tweet a link to a video of himself speaking praise of Senator Lewis at a Martin Luther King Day event.

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