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Marco Rubio’s Hometown Paper Roasts Him as a Trump Sycophant

Marco Rubio’s Hometown Paper Roasts Him as a Trump Sycophant

At one point, Marco Rubio was the Republican ticket to attracting moderate and liberal voters. He got into the mud with Donald Trump during Republican debates and made reference to genitalia size. That face off did not go well for the Florida lawmaker and he retreated back to the senate.

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Still, some held out hope that Rubio would be the kind pf politician who could stand up to the President. According to the Miami Herald, the senator has done the exact opposite.

The Herald said of Rubio, a Miami native, “He has transformed from Trump critic to a sycophantic cheerleader — derided by former adviser and Washington Post columnist Max Boot as a “Trump fan-boy” — to the point that he’s willing to kill Obamacare even though his own state leads the nation in enrollment.”

The paper’s editorial board noted that while Rubio criticized racist chants at a recent Trump rally, he did so halfheartedly. “Rubio couldn’t muster the courage to truly object to the horrifying display of blatant racism,” they wrote. He called the chant ‘grotesque,’ which it was, but he reserved most of his vitriol for ‘left wing politicians and many in the media.”

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The paper concludes that, “Rubio, in particular, should know the dangers of this moment and the path down which Trump is taking his followers, his party and the nation. He should have a deeper understanding of America’s tortured racial history and comprehensive knowledge of the animosity once faced by Cuban immigrants like his parents. He can do better.”

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