Marco Rubio Says U.S. Must Retaliate For Russia Hack “Not Just With Sanctions”

After a massive hack of U.S. government systems, presumed to have been an attack by Russian operatives, Senator Marco Rubio says that it’s time to retaliate and that sanctions are not enough.

Retaliation against Russia, Marco Rubio says
[Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

Newsweek reports that corporations and government departments using the hacked software include more than 400 firms on the Fortune 500 list, all branches of the U.S. military, the Centers for Disease Control, the U.S. Department of Treasury, Homeland Security, the Pentagon, the Department of Energy, cybersecurity firms, and more. The invaders found a backdoor in the software and used it to enter an unknown number of systems to siphon data.

President Donald Trump has not publicly responded to the hack, reinforcing the speculation that Russia could be the culprit.

Senator Marco Rubio, however, tweeted Friday morning to declare that the U.S. needs to confirm definitively who is behind the attack and retaliate — “and not just with sanctions.”

Rubio stopped short of specifically stating what sort of retaliation he’s calling for, but there has been a bipartisan response from members of Congress to criticize the lack of response from the president and to address the hack as an act of war.

Forbes reports that even Republicans have called out Trump for failing to address the attack, with Senator Mitt Romney comparing it to “Russian bombers…flying over our entire country” and calling the president’s silence “inexcusable,” and Republican Representatives Denver Riggleman, Adam Kinzinger, and Will Hurd addressing the president’s broader failures in National Security, including firing cybersecurity, defense and intelligence officials, and threatening to veto the defense bill that includes protections against such attacks.

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