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Marco Rubio in 2012: The Attorney General ‘Should Resign’ For Refusing to Comply with Congress

Marco Rubio in 2012: The Attorney General ‘Should Resign’ For Refusing to Comply with Congress

A Republican-based group called Republicans for the Rule of Law released a video of U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio calling for the resignation of the attorney general.

There’s just one catch: it’s a video that’s not discussing the current officeholder of that position. Still, Rubio’s words fit in line, almost word for word, with what is currently happening within Congress and the White House today.

The statement uttered by the senator in 2012, a year during which former President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder were in office, demonstrate that Rubio’s silence today on the matter of Attorney General William Barr’s actions are arguably hypocritical.

Rubio, citing a contempt of Congress vote held within the House against Holder, explained that the members of the chamber, opposite of the one in which he serves, have the right to question the attorney general and subpoena documents under the Constitution — including the redacted or private portions of reports that should be kept private.

“That’s one of the legitimate roles of the House, is to have oversight, to basically hold accountable the decisions made by these agencies,” Rubio said in a video statement.

One could be forgiven for hearing Rubio’s words and believing he’s talking about the current attorney general, William Barr, who was also recently the recipient of a committee vote to be held in contempt of Congress in the House Judiciary Committee.

Barr refuses to testify before that committee, and has held back subpoenaed documents concerning the redacted portions of the Mueller report. The committee voted in favor of finding Barr in contempt on Wednesday, per reporting from the Associated Press, the same day the Republican group released the dated Rubio video.

Rubio’s words on blocking documents requested by Congress from the White House, again, seem to match with what’s presently going on in Congress today.

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“I think that this has gone on so long, and the stonewalling by the attorney general has been so egregious, that I think he has to resign,” Rubio said in 2012.

He also said that efforts to hold back information had led him to believe “there’s something in those documents they don’t want us to know about.”

“No one can be above the law, not even the attorney general of the United States,” Rubio said in 2012, per reporting from the Tampa Bay Times.

Rubio so far has refused to condemn the actions of Barr or make the same statements calling for his resignation, based on the same principals and statement that he made in 2012.

Per the video from the Republicans for the Rule of Law, the statements Rubio made seven years ago and his inaction today are hypocritical, the group is trying to point out, according to reporting from the Washington Post.

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