Marco Rubio Accuses Dr. Fauci of Lying About Masks and Herd Immunity in Fox News Op-Ed

At one point in time, Marco Rubio was seen as a rising star in the Republican party. Then Donald Trump laid waste to him during the 2016 Republican primary season. And the Trump’s aren’t done damaging Rubio. There are rumors that Ivanka Trump could primary him for his senate seat in 2020.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Despite all the damage Trump has done to him, the Florida senator is still more than happy to carry the president’s water. And that includes downplaying the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rubio continued to do so this week by penning a Fox New op-ed where he called Dr. Anthony Fauci a liar.

Rubio said of Fauci, “But it does mean that placing blind faith in unelected celebrity scientists — elevated by a media that award Emmys to negligent politicians with their own grisly records — has its limits, and we must not be afraid to call them out when they’re caught overstepping their legitimate authority.”

The Florida senator continued, “I do not question Dr. Fauci’s motives — I trust they are noble — but I am appalled by his arrogance. If he wants to lead the nation, he should run for office,” Rubio said. “Otherwise, he should give us an honest and transparent reading of the science, not polling data, and let the rest of us —policymakers and the American people who have elected them — do our jobs.”

You can read the entire piece here, courtesy of Fox News



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