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Man Who Threatened to Bomb Library of Congress Shared Anti-Biden Videos Posted By Donald Trump Jr.

Man Who Threatened to Bomb Library of Congress Shared Anti-Biden Videos Posted By Donald Trump Jr.

In a developing story, more details are emerging about Floyd Ray Roseberry, the man who allegedly threatened to bomb the Library of Congress and other locations in Washington, DC, on Thursday. Roseberry surrendered to authorities and his wife is also cooperating with the FBI.

Roseberry had used his Facebook account to Livestream his actions, which helped lead to his eventual capture. Now that his name has been released, Twitter users have been mining his page for videos and other posts that might help explain why he left his home in North Carolina with the intention of doing damage to government buildings. Soon after his surrender, it was learned that Roseberry had reposted to his page a video shared by Donald Trump, Junior, that alleged Joe Biden didn’t legitimately win the election.


Trump Jr. seems to have a personal vendetta against Joe Biden and his surviving son, Hunter. The video he shared encouraged his father’s supporters to continue fighting for reinstatement.

The standoff was resolved peacefully after roughly five hours of negotiations, ending when Roseberry crawled out of the truck and was taken into police custody. But even in a city with a long history of dramatic law enforcement encounters outside federal landmarks, this episode was notable for its timing — Washington remains on edge eight months after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol — and for the way the suspect harnessed social media to draw attention in real-time to his actions.

As police continued negotiations, a video surfaced of Roseberry on Facebook Live inside the truck, which was stuffed with coins and boxes. He threatened explosions, expressed hostility toward President Joe Biden, profanely warned of a “revolution” and laid bare a series of grievances related to U.S. positions on Afghanistan, health care, and the military.

Thursday’s incident marked the third time in as many weeks that federal and military law enforcement authorities had to respond to attacks or possible threats. A day before thousands of pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol, pipe bombs were left at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee in Washington. No one has been arrested yet for placing the bombs. Officials are also jittery over a planned rally in September.

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