Man Threatens to Shoot up Polling Station This Morning in Pennsylvania

This morning in Washington County, Pennsylvania, a man named Christopher Queen was arrested and charged with making felony terroristic threats, after he showed up to vote at the South Franklin Fire Hall and was turned away.

Cara Sapida of WPXI news in Pittsburgh explained the incident by saying, “[a] man [was] arrested for threatening to shoot up a Washington County polling place. Witnesses told me an elderly poll worker was shaking uncontrollably after he left. State police just caught the suspect.”

The incident has apparently left some individuals visibly shaken.

Queen reportedly told people at the polling station that he was promised a gun and money if he voted “straight party,” before workers informed him that he wasn’t actually registered to vote.

That’s when Queen allegedly became angry and threatened to come back shooting.

According to TRIBLive, Queen is a 48 year old man who lives in Elk County.  A background check of Queen shows a history of of likely charges and offenses ranging from assault to disorderly conduct and driving under the influence.

Queen previously was a registered Republican.

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