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Man Freed During Matt Bevin’s Pardon Spree Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Man Freed During Matt Bevin’s Pardon Spree Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

Matt Bevin was never supposed to lose his reelection bid in 2019. He was in Kentucky, a state that was won by Donald Trump in 2016 by nearly 30%. The Republican, however, was wildly unpopular in his state and lost to current Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.

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On his way out the door, Bevin went on a controversial pardon spree that freed convicted murderers and child molesters from prison. One man pardoned by the former governor, Dayton Jones, was arrested on one charge of producing child sex abuse material.

Jones was initially sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual assault. He was accused to abusing an unconscious 15 year old boy and distributing the video on Snapchat. The new charges concern the same assault.

When delivering the pardon, Bevin said that there was “zero evidence” to convict Jones other than, “testimony of kids who were getting a better deal by throwing [him] under the bus.”

U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman said of the recent arrest, “This prosecution is about one thing and one thing only, Mr. Jones’ conduct in harming someone’s child in the Western District of Kentucky in violation of federal law.”

Bevin defended the pardons in December of 2019, tweeting, “The myriad statements and suggestions that financial or political considerations played a part in the decision making process, are both highly offensive and entirely false.”



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