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Man-Child Trump Frantically Denies Story of Mike Pence Standing Up to Him

Man-Child Trump Frantically Denies Story of Mike Pence Standing Up to Him

Donald Trump demands to be presented in a very specific way. And a big part of the myth of Trump is that he is always the smartest and strongest person in the room.

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So, the former president was clearly enraged at a recent report that Mike Pence stood up to his bullying and threw a wadded up newspaper at him. Trump went as far as issuing a statement denying the claim.

The anecdote came from Michael Bender’s new book. The Wall St. Journal scribe wrote, “Mr. Pence lost it. Mr. Pence picked up the article and threw it back at Mr. Trump. He leaned toward the president and pointed a finger a few inches from his chest. ‘We walked you through every detail of this. We did this for you — as a favor. And this is how you respond? You need to get your facts straight.'”

The former president wrote, “The story, written by third-rate reporter Michael Bender, that Mike Pence and I had a big fight over Corey Lewandowski, is totally false. No such fight ever happened, it is fiction as are so many others (sic) stories written in the vast number of books coming out about me.”

Trump continued:

“They write whatever they want to write anyway without sources, fact-checking, or asking whether or not an event is true or false. Frankly, so many stories are made-up, or pure fiction. These writers are often bad people who write whatever comes to their mind or fits their agenda. It has nothing to do with facts or reality. So when reading the garbage that the Fake News Media puts out, please remember this and take everything with ‘a grain of salt.”

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