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Makes Some Sense: Glenn Kirschner Lays Out Theory About Trump Being a Government Snitch

Makes Some Sense: Glenn Kirschner Lays Out Theory About Trump Being a Government Snitch

Donald Trump has had a long career in the business world. Many of those around him have been arrested or faced consequences for their actions. Trump, though, has largely remained unscathed. Sirius XM Radio Host Dean Obeidallah asked former prosecutor Glenn Kirschner about this during a recent show.

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Obeidallah asked, Could Donald Trump be the Whitey Bulger of this? Could he potentially be an informant and that is the reason he is not [now or in the past] being charged? I know it may seem farfetched. But I saw [the movie inspired by Whitey Bulger’s life] “The Departed”

Kirschner responded:

“There’s been a lot of very smart folks who have talked–and this isn’t something that’s hit the mainstream media much because I don’t think it can be verified– but a lot of folks have talked about one of the reasons Donald Trump has avoided criminal liability for so long is because every time the Feds start to move in, he gives up bigger fish. Maybe they’re bigger Russian fish. We don’t know, but there has been lots of chatter and speculation that he has been a longtime informant for the United States government. Now I can’t say if that’s true or not because you know that generally it’s the kind of information that never gets disclosed unless somebody goes to trial and there is a legal basis to disclose that kind of evidence.

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But it makes some sense to me that when you live a life of crime and you’re not a lone wolf criminal right–he has alleged to have laundered all kinds of Russian money through his properties which would provide information that the authorities would want. “OK help us get the Russians that were laundering money through your properties” and if Trump did that well then he might be spared the criminal charge. So a lot of that makes some sense to me just given the way I know the system works but we won’t know until the federal government chooses to disclose it, if there’s a reason to disclose it.”

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