Make Sure Your Ballot Was Counted — This Georgia County Needs 40k “Cured”

Was your ballot accepted? Was your vote counted? In Georgia, one county has marked 40k ballots as invalid, and the voters only have a few days to correct issues before their votes are thrown out.


In Dekalb County, Georgia, there are 40k ballots that need extra attention. These have been rejected due to mismatched signatures or other errors or discrepancies. Former candidate Gil Freeman, who fell out of the race during primaries, is calling on voters to check their ballots and make sure they’ve been accepted.


At this point, according to the New York Times reporting, 93% of the votes are counted in Georgia, and Donald Trump is leading by around 80k votes. With the percentage remaining, the 40k rejected ballots could decide who wins.

Georgia has a website where voters can input their information and determine if their ballot was accepted — here.

Voters in counties other than Dekalb, and in other states, may also want to check that their votes have been counted. Every state has its own rules for accepting ballots. PC Mag has collected all of the states’ Board of Elections websites into a single list, so that no matter in which state you cast your ballot, you can scroll down and follow through to make sure your vote is included in the totals.

It’s an especially good idea to follow up if you submitted your vote by mail and haven’t received any notifications about it — the USPS is currently being ordered to find 300k ballots that have disappeared.

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