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Major Trump Donor Could Soon Push CNN More to the Right After Mega-Merger

Major Trump Donor Could Soon Push CNN More to the Right After Mega-Merger

The billionaire multimedia mogul who owns ultra-conservative Liberty Media, a major shareholder in the Discovery Channel and its networks, has been in serious talks to combine WarnerMedia with Discovery for the last few months. Now he’s suggesting that not only is there is a place for CNN in the new deal, but he’ll also be a driving force behind its content, worrying some media critics that his involvement will push the network further to the right as a more direct competitor to Fox News.

John Malone, who has also donated heavily to Donald Trump, not only continues to support Trump himself, but also his false claims regarding the 2020 Presidential election. Malone confirmed there was “a place” for CNN in the proposed mega-merger, saying it was smart to keep them in the package. “A coward’s way out would be to sell [CNN] or spin it off and then sell it,” Malone told CNBC in November.


Malone, who’s a part-owner of the Atlanta Braves, currently owns more land in America than anyone else: 2.2 million acres, to be exact. He has a net worth of around $9.22 billion, and thanks to his pioneering role in media deals and land ownership, he’s been nicknamed the “Cable Cowboy.” Malone owns services and TV channels you’ve most likely used or watched, and yet he manages to keep a low profile in a country that usually over-celebrates its wealthy. He says he wants to see CNN, which has been called “left-wing” (by the right-wing) and “Fox News Lite” by many liberals, revert back to more “nonpartisan journalism” following the completion of the merger.

“I would like to see CNN evolve back to the kind of journalism that it started with, and actually have journalists, which would be unique and refreshing,” Malone said.

Twitter users worried about someone with that much money and proximity to high-profile members of the Republican Party having a say in what goes out over CNN’s airwaves.

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