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Major Robert Mueller Filings Expected Today

Major Robert Mueller Filings Expected Today

Today is a big day for Robert Mueller and his investigation.  Earlier this week, Mueller filed his sentencing memo for former Trump National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn.

While the Flynn memo didn’t tell us much in terms of the investigation itself, the mere fact that it stated that Flynn had provided ‘substantial assistance to the government’, and that Mueller was recommending a sentence that did ‘not impose a term of incarceration’, told us plenty about where Mueller and Flynn stand.  Flynn, has likely provided enough information for Mueller to charge others with crimes.

Today looks to be an even bigger day for Mueller and his team, however, as they are set to release two additional sentencing memos; one for former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and another for former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort.

In both of these memos, Mueller is likely to suggest sentencing for these men, again providing us with insight into just how helpful Michael Cohen has been in the investigation, as well as just how much of a liar and nuisance Paul Manafort allegedly has been.

In the Manafort memo, Mueller will likely explain how Manafort lied to the special counsel, resulting in his plea deal being torn up. The falsehoods that Manafort told the special counsel could provide us with more insight into the investigation and who else may be involved, as well as who he may be trying to cover for.

As for Michael Cohen, he appears to have gone from being Trump’s right-hand man to becoming the Mueller investigations best friend.  We know that Cohen has turned over a plethora of information to the special counsel and this memo may provide details on what some of that information has been.

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It is also likely that large portions of both of these memos will be redacted as Mueller’s team continues to try and keep much of the evidence in their investigation confidential.

In addition to the two sentencing memos expected from the special counsel by today’s 5PM deadline, U.S. District Court Judge William Pauley has also ordered the U.S. attorneys in New York to submit their sentencing memo for Michael Cohen by this 5PM deadline as well.  Federal prosecutors in New York acquired a guilty plea from Cohen back in August when Cohen admitted to making payments to women at the direction of Donald Trump.

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of people who are at least a bit nervous today, awaiting these filings in federal court.

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