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Major GOP Figure Tells Congressional Republicans to ‘Move On’ From 2020 Election

Major GOP Figure Tells Congressional Republicans to ‘Move On’ From 2020 Election

Democrats narrowly control the House of Representatives and hold power in the Senate only because Vice President Kamala Harris can break ties. But it’s not the first time the chamber has been evenly divided.

Twenty years ago, the governing body found itself in a similar situation, although tensions between the parties weren’t nearly as high as they currently are. Now, those who were in charge then are offering those in charge now some advice on how to move forward when the GOP is still so clearly under the sway of Donald Trump.

Trent Lott, a former Republican senator from Mississippi who was Majority Leader in early 2002 when the Senate was last evenly divided, has some basic advice for those members of his party still stuck on the 2020 Presidential election and how to get things done during a time of such obvious Congressional gridlock.

“For God’s sake, talk to each other,” Lott says in a new interview with The Spectator. “And number two, quit trying to do stuff that’s hard and impossible,” Lott continued. “Do the stuff that can get done.”

Lott spoke to the level of contentiousness that’s risen within the Senate in the era of Trump, referring to what he calls the “inappropriate” willingness for Senators today to take to the floor and “basically call each other names.”

As for where he stands within his own party, Lott distances himself from Trump, who continues to have a hold on most Republicans as he promotes falsehoods about the 2020 election. “You have to quit fighting the last election to get some things done before you get into the next election, for heaven’s sake,” Lott said.

“It’s time to move on from the past,” Lott added. Read the full interview here.

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