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Major Airlines Refuse To Help Separate Immigrant Children From Parents As Government Lashes Out

Major Airlines Refuse To Help Separate Immigrant Children From Parents As Government Lashes Out

Donald Trump DEFIED by major airlines

Several major airlines have spoken out, saying they are not willing to be a part of separating children from their families, an abuse that may continue despite the executive order Trump signed on Wednesday. The government is lashing out at this defection, attacking the companies for refusing to support the atrocities visited on innocent children.

Donald Trump DEFIED by major airlines
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Consumers, tired of feeling helpless to combat the Trump regime, have started using one of their greatest powers under capitalism — voting with their wallet — to fight back. They’re contacting the private companies associated with the policies harming immigrant families and promising a boycott if these companies don’t make better decisions about their associations. For instance, Vibe reported last month on consumers calling out Graco after a prison bus designed to transport babies was seen on social media with row after row of Graco car seats.

Despite Trump’s show of signing an executive order Wednesday, children continued to be moved across the country overnight, and the New York Times reports that, as children arrived at LaGuardia in the middle of the night, protesters gathered to show support for the children and dissent against the Trump regime’s separation policy.

Michael Avenatti, an attorney already doing battle with Trump on multiple fronts, called out American Airlines, in particular, Wednesday, sharing a photo of boys about to be transported away from their families.

Airlines are reacting to the pressure placed by their clientele, and several, including American, Frontier, Southwest, and United, have released statements saying they don’t want to be associated with these policies.

Their statements vary from American Airlines saying they have requested the U.S. government not use their services to transport minors separated from their parents to United saying they have told the government it should not do so, to Frontier’s statement that it will not knowingly participate, according to USA Today.

However, Donald Trump’s administration is lashing back at these companies for their resistance to his policy, with Department of Homeland Security Press Secretary Tyler Houlton tweeting yesterday to suggest that these airlines are failing to help protect the American people.

He further accused the airlines of ‘buckling to a false media narrative,’ and suggested that they are helping sex traffickers by refusing to transport kids separated from their parents.

Because the Executive Order signed by Trump is limited by current law, and flexible in that it leaves room for agents to separate families at their discretion (“…shall not, however, detain an alien family together when there is a concern that detention of an alien child with the child’s alien parent would pose a risk to the child’s welfare” — and determining this risk is left open to interpretation) this is likely to be an ongoing matter.

Even outside of the very specific issue of separating immigrant children from their families, private companies and individuals refusing to carry out orders that violate human rights conventions and do demonstrable harm are likely to be one of the key points of resistance going forward under this administration.

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